Bone-in Frenched Rack Lamb Ribs - 2 Racks (8 Ribs Each) -

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Bone-in Frenched Rack Lamb Ribs - 2 Racks (8 Ribs Each) -
In its most show-stopping presentation, let us introduce you to these incredible grass-fed New Zealand Frenched Rib-Racks. Our juicy racks come from pasture-raised s that are allowed to graze on the lush fields of New Zealand. Lean, flavorful and all-natural, with a richness that you can’t find anywhere else
Our racks cook to tender perfection, whether you roast them or grill them, thanks to a layer of juicy fat. The bone is left in for a boost of intense flavor, but it’s Frenched for a touch of sophistication – it’s the perfect centerpiece for any meal. Cook it as a crown roast, or If you want a boneless Frenched rack of lamb, all you need to do is remove the bone
New Zealand lambs are smaller than what we’re used to in America, so you’ll need to serve about four ribs per person at the dinner table. What they lack in size they make up for in flavor, with a crowd-pleasing mildness that has no gamey taste, and that everyone will love. They’re also filled with fat marbling throughout, which makes them tender and juicier than most
What you’ll get: 100% New Zealand Lamb ribs, grass fed and raised in a humane, free-range environment, never given any hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and never fed any genetically-modified feed
How to cook lamb? The recommended cooking point for lamb is medium to medium-rare. Anything more and it will dry out